Machines for manifacturing and printing capsules

Equipment and automatic machines for manifacturing and printing capsules - Vencaps - Venice (Italy)

Vencaps was incorporated in 1990 as a result of it's owners desires to turn constructive experiences in the wine capping sector into actual production and, after a ten year activity manifacturing caps for sparkling wines, this original choice was converted into the designing of machines for manufacturing and pressing of aluminium, complex aluminium and PVC caps and large caps. We design our machines with the perfect solutions for every manufacturing detail, protected by our own patents and inspired by our experience and insight. Our machines cover most market-required wine capping typologies, and we are also willing to develop new special models. Vencaps provides complete after-sales technical support, including on-site whenever required, ensures the supply of spare components and offers technical advice to any company willing to start this activity.

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